Welcome to Nexoil

Nexoil is a reference point of excellence for hydraulic and lubrication systems. From

designing up to after-sale service, the company offers its customers a series of high-quality

products and first-class services thanks to the skills and professionalism acquired through

a branch of activity of Flenco Group.


The company operates in three different yet complementary areas: industrial lubrication,

cylinders and hydraulic compact power units. The centralized lubrication systems, which use

electric, pneumatic or manual lubrication pumps, are produced under the brand Flenco

Lubrication Systems-ISO Cylinder, while the ISO hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic

cylinders are manufactured under the brands V&B Servocomandi and Cannarozzi.


The hydraulic power packs are produced under the brand NEXOIL and are, also, entirely

designed by the Technical Department.