One firm, three brands

Nexoil gathers the excellence of three main sectorial leaders: Flenco Lubrication Systems-ISO Cylinder, V&B Servocomandi and Cannarozzi.

Nexoil was incorporated on 1st September 2010 from the sale of a branch of the company Flenco Group. Following to the ownership reorganization, Nexoil acquired the well-known brands Flenco Lubrication Systems-ISO Cylinder, V&B Servocomandi and Cannarozzi, leaders in the production of lubrication systems and hydraulic cylinders. Flexibility together with the high technical skills inherited from the previous experience make Nexoil the ideal partner to develop the best strategies and solutions together.


One firm, three brands

In order to ensure high-quality standards and totally meet specific needs, Nexoil supports the customer starting right from the designing stage: it is in a position also to produce pieces made to measure to suit special requirements and offers a steady and timely technical assistance.


Thanks to its widespread network of resellers worldwide, Nexoil guarantees steady availability of products and direct professional advice from specialized technicians.


Nexoil represents the suitable solution for those who look for
quality products
and high personalization without giving up
fast production and delivery.



Flenco Lubrication Systems-ISO Cylinder, leader in designing and production of lubrication systems.


V&B Servocomandi Cannarozzi

V&B Servocomandi and Cannarozzi, two major brands of cylinders for industrial automation on sale.