Micro Air Oil System

By uniting high performances and reasonable prices, the Micro Air Oil system is suitable for the lubrication of spindles, tools, chains, bearings, and other small-sized components. The combined action of air and oil mixed together allows both lubrication and cooling.

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Micro Air Oil System

In general, the equipment is made up of a lubrication control unit together with delivery piping and spray nozzles, but the system is so modular that it allows creating also other configurations.

Among the technical specifications of Microlubrication by Nexoil, some characteristics stand out for their value, such as the possibility to adjust the delivery of each micropump (up to 6) independently, to set the air flow for each line, and to control the operating frequency (cycles/min).

A series of accessories, such as control electronic panels, nozzles, solenoid valves and pressure reducing valve, makes the system complete and suitable for various applications.



Supply air pressure: from 5 to 8 bars

Operating temperature: from -5 to 55°C

Lubricants allowed: mineral / synthetic

Oil viscosity at working temperature: from 32 to 320 cSt

Protection level with cabinet: IP 55

Protection level with open-frame panel: IP 44

Pump ratio 28:1

Pneumatic timer: from 1 to 66 cycles/minute at 6 bars



Temperature: 80° max

Max switchable power: 40 W

Max current: 2.5 A

Max voltage: 50 V



Type: 3/2 NC

Power supply: 24V DC