Hydraulic compact power units

Nexoil adds to design and production of Lubrication Systems and Hydraulic Cylinders that of Hydraulic Compact Power Units. These units can be used in all those applications where hydraulic actuators (cylinders, motors, brakes, etc.) must be controlled by compact power packs.
The modular design of the NEXOIL unit allows it to implement any hydraulic circuit quickly and easily.
It is possible to purchase either individual components or complete systems, allowing retailers both versatility and reduced stocking costs.
As for OEMs, customized solutions can be designed to meet each application requirement.

Main feautures:

  • AC electric motor with power from 0,18 kW to 5,5 kW

  • DC electric motor with power from 0,5 kW to 3 kW

  • Max pressure 300 bar

  • Gear pumps with displacement from 0,9 to 9,8 cc/rev

  • Oil flow up to 25 l/min

  • Possibility to have multiple pumps

  • Steel or plastic reservoirs with capacity from 1,5 to 40 litres

  • Central manifold in aluminum alloy with up to 8 internal cavities

  • Possibility to have modular sub-plates for screw-in cartridge or cetop valves

  • Wide range of valves to control oil pressure, direction and flow

  • Possibility to have integrated emergency hand pumps

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Hydraulic compact power units


Hydraulic compact power units


Hydraulic compact power units